iSky star ceiling tiles  are easy to install. No more banging nails or forcing fiber through dry wall.

Our plug-and-play Panel Systems make estimation easy as well, bringing high-end star ceiling experience within reach for home theaters and other environments.

With premium acoustic materials and our exclusive LED technology, iSky offers the best quality for the best value. And as a result

of the Exclusive Patented Design and Technology, our lighting effects mimic the random glimmer of the night sky unlike any system

on the market.

Our Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panels make installations a breeze. Our star ceiling tiles are designed to attach directly to finished drywall. 

The creators of iSky Panel Systems, Fiberoptic Studio Corp., have been designing custom fiber optics and premium LED lighting solutions for clients like Motorola, McDonald’s and General Motors for over 20 years. So they know what works best for customers and installers.

Skypanels are new light diffusers that help soften the harshness of the florecent lighting now widely used in homes and most of the larger commercial settings; and filters them through soft images of clouded blue skies.

After replacing the existing light diffusers with your new custom designed acrylic Skypanels, you and your family, clients and co-workers will instantly notice the difference of working and living with the great outdoors always around you. Other images can overlay the clouds and provide you with kites, trees overhead, flowers, or baloons straying up into the sky; to make your lighting it’s own work of art.

Studies by scientists have proven that the color of the blue sky is calming and has positive effects on people’s mood. Skypanels are 100% acrylic while most light diffusers are polystyrene, which yellows in just a few years. They are a non-toxic, slim, dimmable, and eco-friendly choice for any business.

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Exclusive Patented Technology and Design

iSky is a proud member of IESA and CEDIA.



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