Skypanels Installation Guide

Skypanel Skypanel

Step 1
Turn off lights and use a step ladder to reach and unlock the frame safely.
Step 2
Carefully remove the frame from the light fixture.
Step 3
Using a screwdriver remove one end of the frame. There are many different types of frames and some may have tabs that hold frames together. These tabs need to be bent back to allow removal.
Step 4
Slide the old diffuser out carefully, the plastic and metal frame may have sharp edges.
Step 5
Place the old diffuser on top of the new Skypanels. Using a utility knife with a new blade, score the textured excess edges of the Skypanels 5 times with moderate pressure.
Step 6
Line the scored side with the edge of a table. Working slowly down the scored edge, gently snap the plastic down to break off the excess, creating a clean finished edge. This should be an easy break. If not, re-score the Skypanels.
Step 7
Slide in your new Skypanels and replace the removed end of the frame.
Step 8
  We recommend replacing old plastic clips with new Skypanels metal clips. Slide two clips on each side (4 sides) to ensure a snug or tight fit.