Brian Hudkins, Gramophone Ltd

Gramophone, Baltimore MD-2

“We’re very happy with iSky products and think they add a distinctive touch to many of our theaters. iSky allows us to provide a predictable outcome without the mess and fuss of a bundle of loose fibers and an illuminator that has to be buried somewhere.”

Brian Hudkins, Gramophone Ltd, Baltimore MD, www.gramophone.com


Heath DeBernardi, The A/V Pros

The Audio Video Pros, Onalaska, WI-1

“iSky has been a great company to work with! The product is easy to install and represents a nice value in drop-in fiber optic ceiling panels. Our clients really enjoy their iSky ceilings and have commented how much their friends and family have said that it really completes the whole Home Theater experience. We also like the added acoustic properties the iSky panels offer. Thank you iSky for providing AVP and our clientele with such a great product.”

Heath DeBernardi, The A/V Pros, Onalaska WI, www.theaudiovideopros.com

Dan Yongquist, Admit One Home Cinema

Admit One, Edina MN-3

“iSky is the easiest and most cost-effective ceiling panel system that we have tried over the years. Our clients are always excited about our iSky systems.”

Dan Yongquist, Admit One Home Cinema, Edina MN, www.admitonecinema.com


Larry Crosty, Fairview HiFi

Fairview Hifi, Burlington ON, Canada-1

“The guys at I-Sky are great to deal with. The product is easy for our installers to set up. The effects are fabulous. In our last iSky job (shown on the website) the kids camp out under the night sky roof and everyone swears they can hear crickets when just the stars are illuminated.”

Larry Crosty, Fairview HiFi, Burlington Ontario Canada, www.fairviewHiFi.com

Jason Spence, AudioVideo Interiors

Audio Video Interiors Middleburg Heights, OH

“iSky products have by far been the most efficient way to provide starfield ceilings in our installations.”

Jason Spence, AudioVideo Interiors, Middleburg Heights OH, www.audiovideointeriors.net


Sean Greer, Experience AV

Experience AV Montrose, CO-1

“iSky provides the ‘WOW’ factor for our award winning theater. As you walk in, the iSky panels automatically illuminate and the theater becomes a magical place. You completely forget you are in the basement of a 5 story condo with all the twinkling stars overhead. Clients comment constantly on how the iSky panels feel much more alive than other star systems they’ve seen. Installation was simple and iSky will be featured in many of our upcoming projects.”

Sean Greer, Experience AV, Montrose CO, www.experienceav.com



Dave Hunt, Intuitive Integration LLC

Intuitive Integration, Lynnwood WA-2

“We really enjoy the uRay LED lighting system. It adds a unique ambiance to our home theater that would be otherwise missing. The lighting is a great addition to the room.”

Dave Hunt, Intuitive Integration LLC, Lynnwood WA, www.intuitiveintegration.com

John Stumpf, Station Earth

Station Earth, Fergus Ontario-4

“iSky works just as billed.  It is a dramatic way to enhance the ceiling of any theatre, and one that we spec into every theatre quote”

John Stumpf, Station Earth, Fergus Ontario, www.stationearth.com


Jon W. Lancaster, Smarthomes Chattanooga

Smarthomes Chattanooga, Chattanooga TN

“Of all the theaters that Smarthomes Chattanooga works on, nothing packs the visual punch of iSky. iSky installations give home theaters that ‘wow’ factor that nearly nothing else does. We have used iSky on numerous jobs, and have it installed permanently in our showroom as well. My clients love the effect that iSky has on the theater, and we love the ease of installation and quality of the product. In my opinion, for a home theater to truly be special, it needs iSky.”

Jon W. Lancaster, Smarthomes Chattanooga, Chattanooga TN, www.smarthomeschattanooga.com


James Sweeney, HomeTronics Lifestyles

Hometronics Lifestyles, North Haven CT

“iSky products are easy to install and simple to use. We have found the company easy to do business with and they have gone above and beyond as one of our suppliers. For our clients, the iSky starfield ceiling definitely adds a wow factor.”

James Sweeney, HomeTronics Lifestyles, North Haven CT www.hometronicslifestyles.com