uRay LED Lighting

uRay Lighting

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It is OK that iSky’s standard, out-of-the-box, plug-&-play panels don’t fit your room perfectly, actually, you and your customers most likely will prefer it that way.

Adding uRay LED Lighting to the perimeter of an iSky Panel is easy, just peel and stick. Apply on the job site with the supplied double sided tape and connect each 12″ piece with a simple end to end connector. Depending on your design, add uRay to just the outer edge of your star field, or allow a few inches or more around all four panel sides for a coffered ceiling effect.

Add depth, drama and wonder.
uRay can also be used to illuminate equipment racks, behind screens, under seats, steps, coves and more.

New for 2011!!

LED_Downlight LED_Downlight_Tilt

LED_Downlight_On LED_Downlight_Beam

iSky Panels is pound to off LED Down Lights!

iSky Down LightIMG_0401

iSky’s uRay LED Down Lights add a whole new layer to the iSky Panel System. Its small profile allows the down light to be installed directly into the panel or drywall). Premium aluminum finish looks great day or night. • A USA Made, Cree LED Chip, provides a superior warm white color temperature and is rated for over 50,000 Hours. • Fixture can also be tilted 30º for precise aiming. Up to 12 down lights can be daisy-chained together using our 4 Amp driver.
• Combine with our PWM Dimmer for complete dimming control. Includes a 6ft leader with connectors. • To Install, simply provide a 1 5/8in cutout.

uRay Tape is available in Blue, Warm White and Color Changing RGB!



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